Market promise

Exactly where you are looking“. We ensure that searchers can find what they are looking for with our comprehensive, regional offerings. And we provide advertisers with the opportunities they need.​

Our promise to advertisers

Easy & transparent

kalkulierbar (Kosten), zeitsparend und einfach

Calculable costs, time-saving and simple handling


Miteinander vernetzte Punkte

Broadly supported within an association of companies and partners involved in newhome

In the best light

Digital, unkompliziert in Insertion, beste Qualität 

Digital product solutions, uncomplicated insertion process, top-quality adverts and services 


Zukunftsorientierter Roboter

The industry alternative among the real estate portals, thereby ensuring diverse marketing opportunities in the future

Our values

We see ourselves as a regional, digital and networked company. To ensure we live up this self-image, we live our values through our approach to our customers and employees.