We have put together a list of important tips about advertising on newhome to ensure your property listing is as successful as possible:

Tip 1: Property searchers love detailed information

Try to complete every field in the listing template. The more details your listing contains, the more useful it is for searchers. Complete listings also enable you to create more attractive PDF print versions and leaflets. These can serve as sales documents or be used to create a display.

Tip 2: Photos are worth a thousand words

Enhance your listings by adding up-to-date photos – listings containing photos receive significantly more views. Include indoor and outdoor pictures that allow searchers to form a realistic and detailed view of your property.

Tip 3: Pay attention to picture order

The order of the displayed pictures is important. The first-placed picture appears as a thumbnail in the search results. In addition, it appears as a large picture in your listing. We recommend an outdoor view here. All other photos are displayed in the gallery and in the PDF print version.

Tip 4: Price matters

Include a price in your listing. The price is a key criterion for most searchers. Ultimately, you only want to be contacted by searchers who can afford your offered price. Click the negotiation basis option when entering the price if you want to make it known to searchers that you are prepared to negotiate on the price.

Tip 5: Provide an exact address for the map

Enter the full address of the property. This ensures that the property will be displayed correctly on the map, which is very important for most searchers. If your property does not have a valid address (e.g. a building plot), you can hide your location map.

Tip 6: List your contact details

Provide a complete contact address. It creates trust when searchers can see who is behind the listing. Listings with insufficient contact information will be rejected during the approval process.

Tip 7: Increase your chances of success

  • With our “Special Promotion”, individual properties can be additionally advertised for 10 days directly below the search window. This not only assures that your listing has excellent placement on the website, but you also benefit by directly reaching your target audience.
  • If you want your listing to appear in a prominent position on the newhome property portal, choose our “Top Promotion” service. Your listing will be published above other properties in the search results and will also be specially highlighted. Furthermore, your listing will appear in the search subscription emails that are sent to users. Top placement is guaranteed!
  • Export to homegate.ch: You can send your listing to homegate.ch, a leading national real estate portal, with just the click of your mouse. You don’t even need to create a new listing. Changes on your newhome listing are automatically sent to homegate.ch.