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Information on buying property, financing and mortgages

Everything you need to know about buying and selling residential property. For all homeowners and those who would like to become one.

Buying property

Homeowners and those who want to become homeowners will find all the information they need on buying a home here, including a checklist.

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Selling property

Anyone wishing to sell their property can benefit from attractive listing prices and find valuable tips on newhome.ch.

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Property market

We keep an eye on how the property market is developing and give you regular updates on the current situation on the residential and commercial property market.

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Insure buildings

Building insurance is compulsory in most cantons in Switzerland. Read here about the damage for which it is liable and what to bear in mind in the case of condominiums.

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Taxes on real estate

From the purchase of a property to its sale, various taxes are incurred, such as imputed rental value during ownership or real estate gains tax on sale.

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