With newhome.ch, you are using an ideally networked real estate portal. This offers you decisive advantages as a provider or someone looking for real estate properties and the associated services.

The cantonal banks

With their high level of competence and many years of experience in the real estate business, the cantonal banks ensure a high level of reliability as well as proximity and connectedness to the regional real estate markets. They ensure the approval of real estate advertisements, response to support enquiries and manage data of registered users assigned to them.

The real estate industry

The expansion of the ownership structure with companies from the real estate industry as of 17 September 2019 will allow users of newhome.ch to get even closer to the real estate market and will cover all their “housing” needs. The real estate industry, together with the cantonal banks as sponsors of newhome.ch, is   therefore utilising the potential of truly innovative approaches along the entire real estate life cycle with new dynamism, thereby increasing the added value for the user.

Swiss municipalities and towns

Over 650 municipalities, towns and regions in Switzerland have links to our marketplace on their websites. Each of the local websites includes an extract of the properties listed on newhome.ch. This enables property owners on newhome.ch to reach very local audiences.