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Apply with the provisional confirmation from Firstcaution.

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What is it?

Firstcaution undertakes to issue your rental deposit as soon as possible once you have found your accommodation.

For the property manager or the landlord, this is proof that you have a reliable solution for your rental deposit.

Firstcaution is an insurance company authorised by FINMA [Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority] and a recognised partner of real estate professionals throughout Switzerland.

How it works:

  • Register above.
  • Receive your free preliminary confirmation by email.
  • Add this document to your application documents when applying for accommodation.
  • Once your application has been selected, simply send us a copy of your rental agreement or draft rental agreement.
  • We convert your provisional confirmation into a rent guarantee.
  • The guarantee will be sent to your landlord or the agency representing it. You will receive an insurance policy.

What is a rent deposit?

A rental deposit will be requested by the lessor at the time of signing your rental agreement. It corresponds to the equivalent of 3 months’ rent.

You have the option to set up your rental deposit – with a bank deposit or a guarantee without deposit.

The advantage of Firstcaution

Firstcaution is the only rental deposit provider that also offers a deposit solution instead of a bank deposit. This is called a flexible rental deposit.

Depending on your needs or wishes, select the composition of your deposit at the beginning of your tenancy.

You can request changes in this regard at any time during the entire rental period. Your money will never be blocked.

How expensive is it?

First year:
Your premium depends on the start of your lease. You don’t pay an entire annual premium, depending on this.

Subsequent years:
The premium corresponds to 5% of the amount of the deposit + CHF 20 + Swiss stamp duty. If you choose a flexible deposit, the deposit amount of your premium invoice will be reduced. Do a simulation on our website with our premium calculator.

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