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An attractive mix of patterns and elegant, conservative colours – bed sheets from H&M Home

Is there anything better than slipping into a freshly and beautifully made bed after a long day?  Beautiful bed sheets, covers, cushions and loving styling will make the bed and – as a result – the bedroom look more attractive, personal and inviting.

Often, too little attention is paid to the bedroom because it is a private room. But that is exactly why it needs attention and love because that way we can also indulge ourselves. The quickest and easiest way to make a change is with the bed sheets.

Say goodbye to washed out sheets, with most of its buttons missing and its 90s style pattern! A new season means new clothes, not just for us but for the bed too. Linen sheets are very much back in fashion again. It comes in elegant colours, is soft and sensual. Easily mix different colours together. It doesn’t just look great but combining them is also fun. While you are renewing your bed’s look, also say goodbye to fitted sheets, above all jersey fitted sheets. They are not very chic and are also uncomfortable. You can definitely sleep better on percale, satin or soft grades of linen.

The Italians kick the Scandinavians out of bed

Sleeping under a duvet, Nordic style, has become the standard but it is slowly losing its appeal. With the new found love for linen we are again seeing more of an Italian look when it comes to the bedsheets. Large linen sheets and thin covers, and in winter a wool or cashmere cover over the top – that is what the new chic looks like in all things bedsheets. This also fits in a lot better with the large, new fabric beds, which are also on the wanted list when it comes to all things sleep-related. The bed has certainly gained in status. Proof of this is the trend for box-spring beds that offer hotel comfort in your own home. These beds are not only larger but also higher. Many have fabric covers and all have dominating bedheads. They are eye-catchers and for that reason also need nicer bedsheets.

5 Christian Fischbacher

Quality, elaborate details and lots of style from the traditional Swiss company Christian Fischbacher

Tradition is celebrating its come-back

When it comes to bedsheets, quality is again more important than a passing look. Gone are the days in which people opted for something trendy and fun, people want valuable assets again, something special and they vouch for craft and elaborate details. That is why pillow and duvet covers featuring piping, embroidery and elegant button closures have stepped in. Quilts and other bed covers have become important again. During the day the bed looks “well dressed”. The unmade look that Nordic style beds involve is increasingly less hip. The new chic bed is smart and proper. Cushions have become important again as a result. People have a lot of them, in different sizes and nicely plumped up. Thanks to beds with bedheads, cushions can look nicely presented and offer soft support when reading or eating breakfast in bed.


A wonderful example of what a chic bed looks like nowadays: Elegant linen sheets, colourful accents, soft cushions and lots of homely touches. Everything is from Zurich furniture store Artiana