broste copenhagen

A day bed with pretty cushions and covers is a good place for having a siesta. All living accessories from Broste.

Summer is over far too quickly. As a result, it is our favourite of all the seasons. We hold onto its light-hearted nature, the simple, uncomplicated summer life and that holiday feeling for a little while.

The nice summer weather inspires us to live more slowly, simply and in a more relaxed fashion. We can hold onto this attitude to life for a little while longer even when summer slowly bids us goodbye. At home simply switch over to holiday mood and take everything a bit more casually.

Have a think about what it is you liked so much about your house on holiday. Most of the time it is the simplicity, the reduction to the essentials. Of course, you will never be able to turn a city flat into a French country house, but there are things that can definitely lend an urban environment rural charm and cater for more relaxation. Baskets for example say rural and craft and they are also practical and beautiful to boot. Collect magazines and newspapers in the chic woven Provence bags. It caters for tidiness, has style and brings the nice day you spent at the market in Avignon into your living room. Other such objects that convey the holiday feeling and fit into an urban environment are ceramic jugs, nicest when filled with a bright bunch of flowers from the market, ceramic crockery or linen sheets.

Holiday souvenirs that look good

Souvenirs can be tricky. Most of the time your favourite wine from that tiny pizzeria does not taste as good at home, and the lovely beaded mobile no longer looks as good as it did at the charming, little craft market. However, there are things that can convey a little of the holiday magic at home. Above all these are things from nature or real memories.  Hang the nice piece of driftwood you brought from your holiday on the wall. Shells look good in large glass vases or sweet jars. And you can make a big collage out of holiday photos, place it in a white wooden frame and hang the personal picture in the kitchen or in the bathroom, for example.


Rural-style sofa with striped fabric cover “Stocksund” from Ikea.

Can you really relax at home?


Baskets in all varieties bring relaxed rural charm even to an urban apartment, all baskets from Bloomingville.

Really take a look at the décor. Is it simply just nice or does it make you really relax? Now, after the big summer holidays and in early autumn, is perhaps the right time to complete the décor with a nice new piece. A rural looking sofa for example does a room, like the study or even the large bedroom, some good as it adds a new dimension. You can live and relax in any room, so long as there is space to do so. A day bed is also a good idea for that. Such a piece invites you to have a siesta.

A bit of holiday in your everyday

Eat outside every so often, on the terrace, the balcony or simply by an open window. Perhaps you need a cardigan, an animal skin blanket on the chair or a woollen blanket.  But it is worth it because eating in the fresh air is the stuff of holidays. Have a picnic in the living room some time too. Sandwiches on the sofa instead of a roast at the table brings a relaxed change to family life. Sit in your favourite armchair and indulge in reading books that still take you back to your holidays a little. Arrange your bathroom a little like it would be in a hotel, with fluffy soft terry towels, flowers and nicely organised beauty products.