How does it work?

You don’t have to make a deposit, SmartCaution replaces your rental deposit. You can use your money for your move or to improve your new environment. Our company agrees to pay the debts that you could incur with respect to your lessor, within the limits indicated on your deposit certificate.

How much does it cost?

The first year, the amount of your premium is calculated based on your moving date. In the following years, your annual premium will be 5% of the amount of the deposit + fr. 25.-

Example :

  • Start of lease: 5 October
  • Amount of the deposit: fr. 3’000.-
  • First annual premium: fr. 45.-
  • Following premiums: fr. 175.-/an

Your advantages

  • Are you signing a new lease? Keep your money!

    • The conclusion of the new lease becomes financially more affordable
    • You no longer have to block a large amount of money
    • Your savings remain available for other projects
    • You no longer have to juggle the old rental deposit which is still blocked and the new one that must be paid immediately.

    Have you already blocked your rental deposit? Get it back!

    • You can recover the blocked money by subscribing to the SmartCaution rental deposit.


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