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Ad Booster

Boost the reach of your ad on newhome by having it appear outside of newhome on various news sites as well as on social media.


Prices in CHFPlus handling
Number of
All prices in CHF excl. VAT. Subject to change without notice.


  • Additional clicks and requests on your ad.
  • We create the campaign based on your object data and broadcast the banners for the highest possible reach and clicks.
  • Activation within 2 working days.
  • Live Reporting via Cockpit Tool.

Target group

  • People interested in real estate.


  • Social Media: Facebook and Instagram.
  • Various news sites (20min, Blick, etc.) as well as several home, living, lifestyle sites in Switzerland.

FAQ about the ad booster

Your ad on newhome is played out as a native ad on Facebook and Instagram as well as various Swiss online news sites. With one click, users can access your ad on newhome and contact you. We create your campaign from your property data and the system generates the banners fully automatically, always optimizing for the highest possible insertion reach and clicks.

Native ads are advertising contributions on various websites such as news platforms or classifieds, which are seamlessly integrated into the reading flow. The individual advertising contributions are marked as “advertising”, “sponsored content”, “advertisement” or similar, but are otherwise hardly distinguishable from the rest of the content. In the broadest sense, sponsored content on social platforms are also native ads.

CPM stands for “cost per mille”. And that simply means: the cost of a thousand ad impressions. The e stands for “effective,” meaning the average price of the costs for a thousand advertising impressions. In the German-speaking world, it is often also referred to as TKP – Tausender-Kontakt-Preis.

Unlike display advertising, native ads are assembled from individual assets/components on the publisher’s site and receive their design. This requires a clear data structure and following one or two tips.

The following apply to Native Ads:

  • Image: file formats JPG, PNG, GIF ideally 1200x627px
  • Logo: file formats JPG, PNG, GIF ideally 200x200px
  • Title: 25 characters including spaces
  • Text: Short description of the offer

CPC stands for “cost per click” or “How much does a click cost me? It tells how much advertising investment was paid for one click. Example: If you invest CHF 1,000 for your campaign and the ad was clicked 100 times, the CPC is CHF 10 (formula: 1000/100 = CHF 10).

  • The goal is clicks
  • Relevant key figures – cost per click (CPC) / click rate (CTR)
  • Clear “call-to-action” in the advertising material. Call to action. For example, “Order now” or “Get information now”.
  • Mobile optimized landing page
  • Realistically plan runtime, budget and geo-targeting.
  • Targeting (contextual, geo, frequency capping (FC), retargeting, language)
  • Premium inventory on request
  • Budget from CHF 500
  • Recommended minimum duration: 4 weeks
  • Clearly defined target group